Why You Should Use Title Services for Buying or Selling a Property?

The real estate market is booming and this is bringing in lots of scammers. They will claim to be the owner or a prospective buyer and convince you to wire them money to close the deal. In the last year, 13,638 people were victims of this fraud and it led to losses of $238 million. This is the fastest growing segment of cybercrimes. 

One way to get around these challenges is to use title services. This is when a title agent will go through and evaluate the chain of ownership to ensure you are dealing with the rightful owner. You never have to worry about sudden claims coming up after the closing and can get the property you want. Here are some reasons why you should use these services when you are buying or selling a property. 

Investigate Forgeries

A large number of scams makes using a tile agent a necessity for any real estate transaction. Our team will go in and verify the authenticity of the deed, ensure the owner has full legal title, and look out for fraud. 

Sometimes, fraudsters will attempt to use deeds such as quitclaims. This is a document that transfers ownership but the seller makes no guarantees about future claims on the property. 

We analyze everything to ensure that all of the state laws are followed and everything is in order. Our team gives you objective information that protects you against future claims on the property. We recommend always using a title agent when you are buying or selling a property. 

Searching Public Records

A public records search will reveal any liens against the property. It helps you to see if there are any unrecorded errors and to clear these issues up before closing. The process reveals forgeries and those things that can cloud your free and clear ownership of the property.

During this process, we will verify the boundaries of the property. We make sure that all of the lines are where they are supposed to be and look for any illegal uses of the property. This stage ensures that you know what is covered in the sale and any possible issues. All of this gives you complete information before closing on the property. 

Our team goes in and does a detailed public records search. We ensure that the title, any errors, and the boundaries of the property are correct. This prevents you from buying something that is not factually and legally accurate. We have five-star reviews for the unbiased, accurate, and timely information we provide. 

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These are some of the reasons why homebuyers and sellers should use title services. Contact Trademark Title Services today at 952-226-7900 or click here and see how we will give you the most complete information on the property. 

We have five-star reviews and offices located throughout the Twin Cities. Our team is the best in the business and we look out for you. We have 14 years of experience and know what to look for to make sure everything is correct. Don’t do any real estate deal without contacting us first. 

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